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Reviews from Sonoma, California

Chocolate Peppermint Natural Lip Balm!!

Hey Sudsies,

Today I’ve got a local treat for you lovely bathers out there.  From the San Francisco bay, I bring to you: "Intrinsic Organics". 

Based in San Lorenzo, California, Intrinsic Organics offers a collection of artisan hand-crafted sugar scrubs, bath bombs, lotions, lip balms and exfoliating facial scrubs. Only the best available raw, unprocessed, USDA certified organic ingredients are included in their products, so don’t be suprised if your skin feels like silk after one use! 

not only are they Cruelty-Free, They also package their products in recyclable amber PET jars to protect the delicate essential oils and the environment. 

Natural Lipbalm in “Chocolate Perppermint” 

Official Description:

Tired of natural lip balms that leave your lips feeling parched? Nourish your delicate lips anytime with pure moisturizers and humectants like raw Shea butter and organic beeswax. Our lip balm tubes are a 1/2 oz of pure goodness and easy to pack in a purse or pocket.

I think that this balm may have been sent from the organic heavens.

With a rich, creamy texture and peppermint aroma, it really takes the cake for the most luxurious lip treatment that I’ve ever used. 

I’m the type of person who gets extremely wind-chapped lips that end up stinging because of how dry they are. Finding a lip balm that can soothe this has always been a struggle for me.

I usually sit back and endure the agony of it all.


Intrinsic Organic’s lip balms soothe on contact and moisturize cracks before you can say “cracks”. 

at $4, they’re a must-have. seriously go get yourself a couple in different flavors. 

At a price of $4 for .5oz
you can buy Natural Lip balm in “Chocolate Perppermint” 

Stay tuned for upcoming reviews of Intrinsic Organics

Happy Bathing!

2 years ago
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